Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine

In response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine

This week’s theme is “Shine”. We’re told to find something highlighted with some shine, either sun or other source of light, or some reflection. I think I have posted a reflection-related image on my entry about previous theme, so I must fine a photo suitable for another one. For that matter, my entry is this one:

A shined bougenville.

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I like when the sun shines on the plant, but it doesn’t make the plant like a silhouette. I took this photo in a school’s backyard in my hometown. The background may seem overly white but I think the colors from the plant has helped the photo from being too ugly. But nevertheless, I have to improve my photography ability so I could produce better photos. If I could, maybe I will think about buying a new camera, ehehe.

I believe that seeing plants or animals can soothe our mind. It makes our mind calmer from stress. Living in a metropolitan city with lots of issues, from pollution to traffic congestion is really exhausting. Many people suffer from stress just by doing their daily job in this city, and more people ignored it until there are some dangerous issues on their health. But there is nothing we could do if we’re too late. Regrets always come later.

So in a sense, going back to nature is a must, to calm our mind, to calm the blood pressure, too. Retreated and going back to nature isn’t always mean going to a remote place where there is no cellphone signal with a big waterfall (although once in a time we should go to this kind of place, too, when there are enough resources), but just by seeing living creatures around us, breathing fresh air under a tree, taking a walk at nearby park, feel the sunshine, our mind could be calmer and clearer.

So have you do something to clear your mind today? Drop your answer at the comment box and I’ll really appreciate it.

19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine

  1. Kak..itu bougenvillenya cakep… warnanya jadi kalem banget, kerasa nuansa sore yang hangat dan menyenangkan (jangan2 fotonya pagi2 ya..hahaha).
    Setuju kak.. back to nature itu adalah punya kesadaran bahwa banyak hal yang indah di sekitar kita yang kadang ngga kita perhatikan keberadaannya karena kita sering terlalu sibuk dengan diri sendiri… *ah saya sotoy.. makasih ya kak udah mengingatkan tentang hal ini…
    Daannn…. Yeaaay…berhasillll komen… 😊😊😊

    1. Hore, syukurlah bisa komen, hehe.
      Betul kok, ini diambilnya sore hari, memang langit sedang cerah dan sudut mataharinya pas banget jadi warnanya juga bagus (di samping itu edit-edit sedikit biar nggak terlalu silau sih, hehe).
      Iya, nama pun manusia kadang lupa, saya pun kadang begitu juga. Terlalu asyik dengan diri sendiri sampai lupa sekitar. Tapi saya mau mencoba deh, buat lebih peduli. Siapa tahu ada manfaatnya. Eh, mengingatkan? Saya mah nggak ngapa-ngapain, hehe.

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