Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Serenity.”

Summed up, there are three things that can make me feel at tranquility. My home, because I work at some faraway place (I have moved out from my home since 2 years ago), my parents, because I, as the only son, has to work far and we can’t meet everyday we want, and my God, because at this faraway place, the one that I can thoroughly share my stories, worries, and problem, is Him, and only Him.

It’s not an order, if you ask, because those things are equally important to me.

So, when the Daily Post challenge us to, let’s say, display the things that make us peaceful, after choosing from about, er, 1000+ images (just kidding), it happens to be this photo.


This is Bija. It’s made from rice grains that soaked in water for several hours. We Balinese Hindus use this in our forehead and neck after praying. We also eat some of it, and spread it in our head’s top. Bija symbolizes God’s blessing, as rice grains is staple food for Balinese (and also Indonesian) people. It also symbolizes our gratitude for the blessings that had given to us in our life.

Maybe it’s just a common thing in Hindu religion, as all Hindus use this after praying. But this photo’s Bija means a lot for me. I took this picture when I was in my hometown celebrating Kuningan Day, at December 27, 2014. This was made by my mom, she is the best, most beautiful woman in this whole world, and of course we used this Bija after praying.

That makes me feel so peaceful.

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  1. Aw, many thanks for the knowledge. I was always wondering what were my balinese friends put on their forehead but didn’t have enough courage to ask. 😀

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