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You’re not wrong when you read the title. This is a post in response to last week’s challenge. I’m so sorry for posting this right now, while the latest theme actually has been out. It’s because I’m kinda confused with the theme, as I thought I haven’t took the photo which is compatible with it. But then I searched and searched, relentlessly, carefully, diligently :hihi, and it turned out to be this picture. I hope that this photo composed scale in one of it’s elements.

Without further ado, here is my entry: “The Measurement of Darkness.”

The Measurement of Darkness

I took this picture in Aceh Tsunami’s Museum, Banda Aceh, at an exhibition room that I called “Miniature and Diorama Room”. That picture, hence the diorama, quite accurately portrayed what happened shortly before the wave struck the province.

The wave was so high, it was about 10 meters in high, with power that was indescribable. Shortly before that, confused, panicked people tried to run away, but alas, their feet just got glued in the beach sand. They were trying to catch fish a few minutes before, when the tide seemed to be very down, the sea seemed to be receded, left fish floundered in the sand.

They just didn’t know that the receded sea was just a beginning for something that’s very, very huge, so huge that it would destroy nearly a half of the province…

Maybe the last thing they saw wereΒ how big that wave was. In scale of the people,Β I would suppose so. The wave was so big, that it had left people in complete darkness, just a split second before they were smashed (literally) by the wave.

I don’t think that any scale would be valid to measure the darkness it created.

About the impact, well, it had nearly killed more than 50.000 people and left more than 3 million people homeless.

A catastrophe that many people considered it as the end of the world in a smaller version.

What do you think, if we are faced with this disaster? Can we survive?

Will we survive?

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