Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Way

In response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Way.

In my opinion, the essential thing about traveling is the travel itself–how we transport from one place to another, and what did we see on the trip. Sometimes, I think traveling is not the place where we’re going to, it’s also about things that we encountered on the way, because it is the process of traveling.

The Road Between Us (2): Cilacap–Purwokerto.

I took this piece on my way back to Purwokerto from Cilacap. I forget where it is exactly :haha. Itย had been raining before, but the rain had stopped shortly before weย arrived there.

I just love the combination. The sky, the trees, the motorcycles outside, the mountains afar, even that small pondsย add something, and they are great. I love the perspective, too.

Ah, if we open our eyes wider while we’re on the road, I’m quite sure that there are lots of things to see. I really love this kind of picture since a photo could tell me a thousand stories about a thousand people that I’ve seen on my way to somewhere. I do believe that every person we see outside has an unique story, a story that’s differ from that of anyone else.

Maybe that’s why I have taken so many photographs about what happen on my way to go to a place. I have lots of them, but I never think that those pictures are enough :haha. I want to take more pictures!

66 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Way

  1. Mungkin pas musim hujan kali ya? ๐Ÿ˜€ Benar sekali, setiap perjalanan pasti bertemu orang yang memiliki cerita sendiri..teruslah memotret, semakin banyak bisa semakin mantap ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. saya suka sekali fotonya gar. seger banget pasti abis ujan begini. jadi inget bau tanah yang baru kesirem air ujan nih…

    belum lagi adem banget liat lalu lintasnya yang gak padat dan semrawut…


    1. Oh iyakah? Waduh saya tak memerhatikan sisi sebelah, lebih fokus ke bagian yang pemandangannya bagus :hehe. Sesekali mesti lebih lebar lagi nih membuka matanya :haha.

  3. Great capture, Gara.. Nature, road, sky and people. All elements are on the picture.. I’d love observing anything on the road. Let my mind run away with the wind.. And the results? I became a bad navigator ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. I think we should be more aware about our surroundings, Mbak, so I often take pictures on my way to somewhere. It’s kind of soothing, actually :haha.

    1. Setuju, tentang apa yang bisa kita dapatkan dalam perjalanan. Karena untuk apa jauh melangkah jika tidak beranjak? Treadmill, Mbak :hihi.

      Salam kenal, terima kasih sudah berkunjung!

    1. Ya, betul sekali. Makna yang tidak sama. Itulah mungkin sebab kenapa perjalanan selalu menggiurkan bagi semua orang–sebab ia merangsang seseorang untuk menemukan makna yang khusus miliknya sendiri :)).

Terima kasih sudah membaca, mari lanjut dengan diskusi di kotak bawah ini!