Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizon

In response to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizon.

No, no, this post isn’t about Taylor Swift’s latest song. That one is “New Romantics”. And I think my new horizon for next year isn’t about a romantic thing, too. Let that be the deepest layer in my life. I am not that confident in sharing it with others, especially readers of this blog. It’s just too private, I think, and not everyone should know about our most-private life, right?

New horizon. December has come and it moves to its end in such a high-speed way possible. I still remember my trip in November yet now it has been a month since I went to Planggatan Site, Sukuh. I want more trip, I want more exploration! But for now, let’s stop for a while and think what next year will be, what will my perspective about 2017 will be.

Should I present my perspective about January 2017–and 2017 as a whole–in a picture, I think that picture will be like this:

Raindrops, tree, clouds, and car glass.

I want to be a more detailed and thorough person. Sensing everything I could with senses I have, and obtaining the meaning in everything I meet through days I live. I want to count every raindrops I see and hear its story. I believe even the smallest thing in this world has meaning to be present. I believe that everything has story to share–a unique and interesting one. It’s up to me whether I could hear them and whether I have the willingness to hear it–I want to know everything I could.

I also want to be a person that can see beauty even though the day is a gloomy and cloudy one–like the green of a tree in a dark background, just like the picture. And I also want to try seeing silver linings even in the darkest and creepiest clouds. Life will be harder and harder as the time goes–there will be no easy thing to do. I have to prepare for it.

Well, maybe it is some kind of preparation to a so-called quarter-life crisis–I will turn 25 next year! I absolutely hope that 2017 will be a pleasant year for me, but I know that it won’t happen unless I change to be more pleasant to everything I met.

May 2017 be a good and prosperous year for you, too!

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizon

  1. Gara pindahan blog ya? Cakep blog baru..

    Semoga tahun depan membawa kebaikan ya bagi kita semua, terlebih diberi anugerah kesehatan. Semoga apa yang dicita-cintakan bisa tercapai. Well, udah 25 yak tahun depan hehehhe welcome quarter life crisis 😀 ehhehe

    1. Sebetulnya pindahannya sudah lama, Mbak. Cuma sempat ada masalah, terus hiatus. Baru aktif lagi setelah error blognya selesai dan dibantu teman blogger juga untuk ganti tampilan. Iya nih, sudah 25 tahun, semoga bisa tetap berusaha untuk mensyukuri apa pun yang hidup berikan, amin, hehe. Terima kasih sudah berkunjung :)).

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