Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself!

In response to the Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Express Yourself.

I think expressing yourself are times when you’re dare to be you. Not afraid with your surroundings, your limitations, or even with voices inside your head that always said you can’t. Expressing yourself is also finding things that you like to do, foods you like to eat, or activities that you like to be engaged to. Yep, the point of expressing yourself is: just be you, the real you. Because all of us are different creatures who have different thoughts, so we can do different things, too. No one is the same, don’t bother yourself to be someone else, being the real you is more than enough.

As for me, today I’m gonna post something that maybe reflects who I am. Well, honestly, it’s kinda difficult. It’s because I am kinda not remember when was the last time did I express myself :hehe. But after thinking (it consumed a lot of time), it appears to be this picture.

I do love jumping!
I do love jumping!

Well, maybe this picture isn’t a complicated one: what’s so special about levitating photo in a beach? Yeah, for you, maybe, but for me, this picture means A LOT.

This picture was taken in Lombok’s Kuta. Not Bali’s, but Lombok’s. Yep, this beautiful island is also have a beach called Kuta. Maybe there was a promise between Bali and Lombok to name a beach with some shared name. But the important thing isn’t that I took this picture in a beach that has same name with another one. It’s because I finally could go there by myself, riding motorcycle for about 65km from Mataram, all by myself. There’s still a lot of stories that happened until I could go there (riding motorcycle in the middle of severe rain is one example), but let’s save it for another post(s). The point is, I had overcome all my obstacles so I can go to the beach.

And I don’t have to mind what others are saying when I jump. That’s including voices in my head that usually say, “You can’t jump, you can’t make good photo out of jumping, you don’t have blah blah and blah, you can’t blah blah and blah.” Just prepare your camera, tripod, and you’re ready to jump!

Anyway, I do love jumping! Jump jump jump! :haha.

Well, with this picture, I can already say that I have expressed myself, can’t I?

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