Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

In response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth.

This week’s theme is “Earth”, a place where we live. And since I haven’t gone to another place other than this planet, I think every picture that I’ve taken could be my entry to this week’s theme.

But let’s see in a bigger picture: earth as nature, as the post suggest. My last encounter with nature, which I defined as pure nature, was last week, when I went to Sumber Pitu, a famous waterfall in Pujon, Malang Regency. This waterfall is quite famous–for its seven streams of water fall down from a cliff in which plants grow, making the cliff covered with a nice yet fierce green from the climbing plants.

Visitors should walk for approximately 5km from the parking lot in the nearest village to reach the waterfall. The route isn’t easy, I assure, because visitors will experience how climbing mountain would be, in a literal way. And for me who never climb a mountain–not even a hill before, it is truly a challenge. The scenery is splendid, indeed, but at that time, I didn’t think I enjoyed the view, because I was struggling with myself for reaching the waterfall.

Yet sometimes, when I was thinking to give up, I remember on how far I’ve walked rather than how far should I walk to reach the place. I think that is one thing that fueled me, kept me moving. And I think when someone get too tired in reaching the waterfall, they should see their surroundings, plants, trees, and flowers. Once, I’ve thought, that hadn’t I seen those things, I wouldn’t have been able to go to the waterfall.

The waterfall is beautiful, and it’s worth the struggle.

One plant that I saw in the journey to that place was this dandelion. I think everyone know this flower, for it’s seed that so weightless so someone could blow on it and the seeds will fly to faraway place, following the wind that brought them, and wherever it lands, it will grow to another beautiful plant. So free, so weightless, it won’t think anything and it lands wherever the wind blow them.

A small dandelion.
A small dandelion.

That small fact filled my courage in continuing the journey. Be free. Don’t think about how far you’ve traveled, how far the distance left. Be free, enjoy every step of your journey. You don’t know what is waiting ahead–as well as you can’t repeat every step and every choice that you’ve taken. Let yourself gone with the wind, like the dandelion’s seed, let the time answers where you’ll be taken and what adventure awaits you in a new place.

Finally, I think nature has told us to never stop exploring by showing us a lot of things… and it’s up to us whether we listened to it, or not.

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