Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

In response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken.

For me, the word “broken” is about abandonment, decayed, and forgotten things, things that used to be vital in our history and culture but today no one seems to remember about them.


I’ve seen many broken statues before but this one’s condition is very bad. It’s covered by moss, all over it, and I think it’s decaying fast. The upper body is missing, too. It holds something, probably a gada, and from its pose, I think this is a Dwarapala statue. Or maybe it’s Bima, because I found this one next to a Vishnu statue.

This picture was taken in Punden Masayu Sinto Mataram, exactly in front of Batu City’s Heroes Memorial Park, Batu, East Java. A city which is famous with its amusement parks, a secret zoo, and the largest animal museum in Indonesia.

But no one knows this place, even when it’s right in front of them. How ironic. I will discuss this deeper in my post about Punden Masayu Sinto Mataram. For today, let’s just share the picture, as well as the reality.

36 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

  1. I actually never thought of statues like this as sad. They have always held a certain charm or quality…hard to describe or define. But I like your take. My post was about a broken Ganesha. I was in Indonesia when I opened my blog. Somehow many words on the site were in Indonesian, I had to translate each time I moved to a different page. Talk about broken!

    1. Thank you so much for commenting! Ah, several parts of the history about Hindu in my country is somewhat sad, at least for me who is a Hindu :)).

  2. Hm, kurang pemeliharaan atau gimana ya itu Bli? Tapi hebat masih bisa nebak itu patung Dwaparala atau bima. My knowledge about statue or history is so bad..

    1. Ya, bisa dilaporkan, Mbak, tapi alasan umum mereka biasanya kekurangan dana.
      Ah, mungkin ini karena saya belum mencoba. Sekali waktu mungkin saya harus menelepon ke Dinas Kebudayaan di sana. Terima kasih untuk idenya, Mbak :)).

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