Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur

In response of Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur.


A red… bull, or cow? Ah, whatever it is, I think this picture kind of suited well with this week’s theme. After four weeks without a post about Weekly Photo Challenge, due to laziness and buzz-i-ness (:haha), here I am, back again, with my interpretation about blur. This is one of my earliest images, capturing shortly after I brought this SLR, so of course I couldn’t focus the lens properly. But I have to snap this cow’s image… and zap.

He was my first model. I think he has talent–he knew how to pose in front of a camera. He’s so energetic, with his bright red. But sometimes he has foul mouth–I sometimes scold him for being too harsh. But he won’t mean it when he say something rude. It’s just that he’s a little too straightforward.

He has his another half. A white cow. But I think she is too shy to be captured on lens–no one could manage to take her pictures. Even myself still can’t convince her to pose in front of my lens–ah, I guess she’s too shy.

Anyone wants to help me persuade her to be my model, please?

32 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur

  1. Bang Gara, aku kan kurang begitu paham sama kamera-kamera gitu ya._. itu efek ngeblur kayaknya bisa dipake sama kamera-kamera yang jutaan gitu kan ya Bang ._.

    Pake kamera hape yang 2 MP nggak bisa ya ._.

    1. Nggak juga sih Feb… ini saya pakai kamera 1.3 MP punya hape saya bisa juga kok :hehe. Yang penting fokusnya tidak fokus saja (loh?), bisa kok dapat gambar blur :hehe.

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