Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet

At first I think that it’s just one of my weirdo things to take pictures of feet and on what surface I stood, but seeing that The Daily Post made it as a theme for WPC… okay, this is very great. Thank you so much!

I love taking pictures of surfaces where I stood, even though the fields I stood isn’t as varied as what was shown on the post’s theme. Nevertheless, I usually took pictures when I stood on a beach, and my family and friends who accompanied me at that time usually called me weird because I took pictures of feet rather than faces.

So fond I am with feet pictures, I use one of them as my avatar in my Twitter account. This one was taken in Senggigi several years ago. I just love the clarity of the sea, and the cleanliness of the beach, even though it’s declining by now. But the photo is missing from my hard disk so I can’t show you here. So sorry.

But when I browsed over the photos I took at that time, I found these two photos :hehe. Not much, but I think I do love capturing feet (my feet, of course), shadows, and surfaces beneath.

DSC03488 DSC03478

Speaking about surfaces, I think about sand as my favorite one. Maybe because I took these photos mostly on a beach. Like this one, which was taken in Benoa Coast, Bali, and this one, taken in Cliff Beach, North Lombok. I remember using the photos in Benoa Coast in one of my WPC entry: Shadowed.

IMG_0836 _MG_7343

Padangbai Harbor was also a setting for a picture of my sandals, this one was taken when we were waiting for a boat to take us to Nusa Penida. Well, we were quite upset at that time because there was some misunderstanding regarding the boat rent, and it was resulted in we waiting for nearly one hour. Grrrr.


This one was taken in Lalang Harbor, on our way to Menjangan Island. Waiting for such a long time made me captured anything interesting, including my feet. I was wearing Balinese traditional costume, what shows there is called “lelancingan”.


Hm, so there are my photos for this week’s challenge. Thank you so much for your attention in reading this post!

33 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet

  1. Geez, me too. I love to take some pictures of my feet, especially when I was on the sand beach, and left some footprints. When did you go to Nusa Penida?

  2. It’s not that weird, i’ve seen a lot similar concept before. Even there was a time when weird ‘planking’ concept went viral. I also follow a girl who only post photos of her hand with different backgrounds & a girl who like to post her butt with different panties 😆 on instagram

    1. Saya tumben denger tuh Mas pepatah yang melibatkan mata kaki :hihi. Iya Mas, langkah kaki memang banyak maknanya, apalagi langkah menuju pelaminan *eaaaak* *disambit*.

    1. Ups, kayaknya ketahuan deh kalau saya perginya biasa sendiri :huhu :peace.
      Iya, mudah murah dan tidak merepotkan orang hanya karena kita bilang, “Fotoin, dong!” :haha.

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