Weekly Photo Challenge: A Good Match

In response (literally) to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: A Good Match.

Saturday morning, and what else could make this morning more cheerful other than one or two cups of coffee and their companions, traditional snacks and sweets? And where could those things taste more delicious other than their origin, in the northern part of Sumatera, which is usually called by its great name, Aceh?

A (Very) Good Match.

I remember that morning very clearly. I and my workmate are looking for a traditional coffee shop in Banda Aceh. Banda Aceh is one of these towns which famous for their traditional coffee shop. So popular this city that people called Banda Aceh as “A City With A Thousand Coffee Shop”. You could find coffee shops almost everywhere in this town. Acehnese people are known to be very fond with coffee. Coffee has flown in their bloodstreams, and coffee is their way of life.

The Gayo Highlands, which located in the middle-to-southern part of this province, is known to be one of the best coffee-producing region in the world. I haven’t researched about it thoroughly (yet) but in other blog posts that have already mentioned this highland (and its coffee culture), the arabica coffee from Gayo is used by various coffee shops chains in the world. Starbucks, for example. The experts said that this particular coffee has various rich characters, strong body, and complex flavors. I’m not an expert in tasting coffee so I can’t explain it further.

But both of us (at that time) weren’t coffee lovers, to be sure. We were just curious with how those cups of coffee would be tasted. And it turned out to be very strong. So strong that just one sip of the black one made me think that it’s enough. Thank God I also ordered the one with milk (with lots of milk) and we also ordered many snacks. But even the coffee has been served with milk, the taste is still very strong (even though I admit that it’s milder than the black one).

What were these snacks, and how were they tasted? Nah, since I visited Aceh in 2014, I can’t remember it anymore. It’s delicious for sure, since we cleaned all those plates. But to explained it again in exact, I just can’t (for now). But I have made a blog post, if I am not mistaken. Yep, I’ve made it, and will give the link after this paragraph. It’s written in Bahasa Indonesia so readers from overseas may need help from translation tool.

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Happy reading! What do you do today? Share it with me in the comment box, please. Hopefully you have a great weekend, too!

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  1. I visit Aceh in 2015 as I remember and I buy some coffee too. Unfortunately I never have a chance to taste it directly because I have indigestion. So I just smell it and found out that that the smell was really good 🙂
    I really want to go back to Aceh and buy some coffee one day 🙂

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