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logoI sincerely think that I won’t be tired in saying thank you to Miss Mikan, who nominated me an award in one of her posts, the award’s name is Very Inspiring Blogger Award. This is my first award, and I’m so happy! Someone had awarded me with something. That fact itself could make me jump in the air :hehe.

But honestly, as a matter of fact, I kind of asking the same question as Ami’s in her response, as I am not so sure whether I am inspirational. It’s the other way around, actually. You are one of the bloggers who have inspired me, Miss :hehe :peace.

However, don’t take it as I’m rejecting this nomination. Of course I’ll accept the nomination, it’s a pleasure for me :hehe.

Let’s paste the rules here. These are rules you must follow in case you are one of this award’s nominees, and the rules are:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog
  • Display the award on your post
  • List the award rules so your nominees will know what to do
  • State 7 things about yourself
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award
  • Contact your nominees to let them know you have nominated them. Provide a link to your post
  • Proudly display the award logo (or buttons) on your blog, whether on your side bar, about page, or a special page for awards

Nah, I think I have already done the first three rules. Now onto the fourth one, the hardest in the list… stating 7 things about myself. I must do it, mustn’t I? :hehe.

So, here are they…

  1. When people took photos of me, I used to couldn’t smile by showing my teeth. Simply put, I used to never smile when my picture was being taken. There was no photo that showed me smiling, at least not one until I graduated from my college, which was several years ago. That was the first time I could smile in front of a camera.
  2. Because of that fact, people used to call me “Mr. Grumpy” or “Mr. Sullen” or “Mr. Grim”. Well, sometimes people still call me like that these days, especially when people see me feeling down.
  3. Me, described by my friend in East Java: Sensitive, absurd, exaggerated (lebay), overly smart, over-achieving, very diligent. I don’t know whether these are true or not, but according to a principle that I hold dear, very dear, I shouldn’t say that I am this or that, that I can do this or that. Let people decide what are their opinions about me.
  4. I love to sing when riding motorcycle or when I am on a bus or a train. Sitting near the window, usually I will sing my favorite songs without care much about my surroundings. So if you accidentally meet a boy who sings a lot in a bus or a train, maybe he’s me :hehe.
  5. My parents said that I could read when I was 2. And the first thing that I read wasn’t “ini ibu” or “ini bapak”, but a newspaper. No wonder they now say that I look muuuch older than my actual age. Hah. But I’m not telling how old am I :hihi. That will be my little secret. If you want to know, I will give only a hint, it’s twenty-something.
  6. A small confession, I have grey hairs. A lot of it, in fact. But my mother prohibits me from coloring my hair, she said that I’ll looked much better if my hair’s color is completely grey or white. Maybe she’s a fan of Toshiro Hitsugaya in Bleach :haha.
  7. Last but not least, my favorite profile picture/display images of all times is still this one, taken in a Guru Piduka ceremony which was hold in Bali, several months after I had graduated from high school. So yes, I’m not smiling, yet this was my best expression on a photo at that time:


Honestly, I think I haven’t changed much :haha.

Okay! I think that’s all. Now on the interesting part, the nomination, I want to nominate Mas Ade, Miss Curio and Miss Ganetri for the award. I nominated three people only because I don’t know who else that can be nominated, as I think that nearly every blogger whom I know now should have been nominated this award by someone before. I’m sorry :huhu.

So, have fun with the nomination!

26 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. I bet your age is 27!! Am I right Mr. Sullen? HUAHAHAHAHAHAAA….

    Ah ma gosh!! look at your picture!! :O it seems says “NOW WHAT?!!” face, it was like you wanna pee but nobody cares and they kept take a picture of you gyahahahaaa…

    1. As I said, I’m not telling my age :hoho.
      What an… analogy, want to pee but nobody cares and they kept take a picture :haha.
      I can stop my laugh… :haha.

  2. Wow, you tagged me in your post! Thanks a lot!
    By the way, if people took a photo of me, I had to show my teeth while smiling. Otherwise, I looks grumpy.
    Well, you are amazing to show your reading ability when you was 2 years old. Tottemo sugoi!

    1. Yeah, maybe I was sleepy, because the ceremony was from 7 in the morning and we had to visit several temples :hehe.
      Ah, thank you.
      The song? Well, mostly Japanese, usually Ikimonogakari’s songs or anime soundtracks :)).

  3. HAhaha gar gar. Seandainya lo lebih tua dari gue maaf ya kaka haha. Kli udh nda sopan. Ibu mu suka bleach jg tah gar haha. Ah lu di tanGga eskalator aja nyanyi.. jalan dikit nyanyi noh ikutan x factor. 😀

    1. Seandainya saya yang ternyata lebih muda, saya minta maaf juga ya kalau ada yang tidak sopan :hehe (sengaja biar Mas Ade bingung soal umur :haha).
      Hihi :peace. Bernyanyi itu bisa di mana saja, De. Tinggal volumenya saja biar tidak ketahuan sama orang :eh (tapi ini mah tahu juga, ya).

  4. Gara, Nice pict. As Ade always said that you remind him to Tulus the singer, so I just imagine that too.

    Anyway, I have a the same habit as yours.singing while riding my bike. Few times people were starring at me with ‘what-the-hell?’ Face. Lol..

    1. *singing* Kita adalah sepasang sepatu, selalu bersama, tak bisa bersatu… dududu…
      :hehe. Thank you, Miss Joyce.
      Yes, I know those starrings, too :hihi. But I think we shouldn’t care about it :haha.

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