EF #9: My First Meetup!

It just happened that Mr. Ade Limau (I prefer call him this) was the first person in this blogging world who whatsapp-ed me :haha. He asked about a picture which wasn’t displayed in my post about Calang but appeared in his Reader at that time. At that time I wasn’t know that the picture that he had mentioned before wasn’t included in the post–but after I’d seen it more clearly, it was clear enough that the fact is precisely like that.

The picture, this picture, hadn’t been shown in that particular post actually–but was intended to be appear in the next post, about the American road. In the picture, you can see an average cliff, but Mr. Ade assumed that the cliff looked like someone who peeked the viewers.


No one knows why the picture appeared in the first place. Until now, it’s still a mystery.

And so, the story goes. I found Mr. Ade is a nice person to be chatted about blogging–I learned a lot from him about what is give away, and in accordance with this post, what is kopdar, a thing that, even though I have had experiences with friends from online world before (one of my few best friends met me online), was still completely new for me, as… how come you meet someone whom you had known just by text lines and static photos posted online?

Oh, maybe it was just my resistance in meeting new people :haha.

Suddenly, one day we talked about where we live, and it turned out that we live nearby. Well, not that near, actually, he stayed in Cikini and I am in Salemba, but it’s not quite far. The next thing I know after some texts back and forth was I drove my motorcycle to a franchise restaurant in front of the chocolate station.

By chocolate, I mean its wall color. Cikini Station.

I didn’t find him right away. The restaurant wasn’t so crowded, and it actually wasn’t difficult to find someone. But I hadn’t seen him before as that was our first time meeting, and I kind of confused. What if he didn’t come yet? At one text, he had said that he stayed in a place that isn’t far from the restaurant, but who knows?

What’s more, I’m kind of afraid that my appearance and my way of talking will disappoint him :haha. I’m a stutter, and I can’t even talk smoothly because of this stammering. My mouth just seem unsynchronised with my brain :haha.

Guess I was too tense in meeting new people.

He repliedΒ a few minutes later, saying that he could be find at the back-end of the restaurant, near the toilets. So there went I, and I would have entered the toilet had Mr. Ade not calling for my name at that time :haha. meetup

“Gara!” he said.

Then I met him. He wasn’t as scary as I’d thought :hihi :peace, but all I could do at that time was just laugh. An unfunny laugh, to be exact :shy. Maybe it was because I didn’t know what to say when meeting new people :hehe. I had prepared some introducing lines, but my mouth seemed couldn’t speak it. Doh, stutter! Sometimes I blamed myself for not talking smoothly.

He introduced his friend who accompanied him at that time, too. His name is Januar, and I realized that Ade had explained many things about him in several blog posts. The he asked me to move to a table at the corner of the restaurant. I agreed.

And so, the kopdar went very well. I won’t be detail in here, as some talks that we went through to were kind of private.

Just kidding :haha. We talked a lot, in my opinion. About the BEC Challenge at that time, Alter Ego. About the community, too. He also said that I looked like Tulus the singer. Phew, you are the umpteenth person who had said that :haha, though actually, I don’t feel that I looked like him. But after hearing many people who had said that, I kind of thinking, do we really have similar faces, Mr. Tulus? :geplaked.

And because our meeting was a blogger’s one, of course we talked a lot about blogging. About the admins of BEC and some names that I newly had known in this blog-o-sphere. Mr. Ade also told me his experiences in blogging, and it turned out that he had owned several blogs before this one in Limau Nipes. We also talked about our real-life job, about the job vacancies, and I think more stories on this topic has already been covered in his blog.

What about me? I think I hadn’t explained a lot about myself, because my way of talking that is so… disorganized. When I’m nervous, and meeting new people surely made me nervous a lot, usually I can’t say a word that begins with “t”, “k”, and “b” smoothly :huhu. It can be very exhausting if I started to talk fast on those words. But for several years now I’m trying to talk slowly, and be more patient, kind of forcing my brain to take everything slower, so my words are sound better now :yosh.

We ended the meeting in 10.00 p.m sharp, as long as I could remember :hihi. It was such a great night! For the first time, I have met another people which I had known just on the line before. Although we didn’t took pictures that night, it’s okay :haha. That meeting has changed my views in meeting someone, too. It surely better to meet someone face to face, than “meeting” him just by text lines and photos which posted online.

So, when will we meet?

37 thoughts on “EF #9: My First Meetup!

  1. Cie cie uhuyy. Hahaha.
    Finally meet with Ade. I remembered that time Ade also texted me ask me to come but unfortunately I already went back home.
    Nice meet up story Gar.

    1. Actually we two people wanted to meet you, Mas.
      It’s very unfortunate that we didn’t have Doraemon’s Dokodemo Doa :haha–had we have, we would have gone to Cibubur :)).

    1. As Mr. Jampang has said, “Soon.”
      Hihi, maybe that’s the case. Had Mr. Aan not mentioned it, I would not have realised if that’s happened in my kopdar, too :hihi.

  2. You are a very pleasant companion so many people who want to meet you in person, including me one of them. Have the same passion, the same view of thinking, of course adds to the atmosphere more intimate. Hopefully we can soon meet.

  3. Nice story, Gara…
    Out of ‘kopdar’ thing, the photo above is beautiful.. Aku jadi ingat perjalanan menyusuri pantai Calang sewaktu masih kerja rekonstruksi Aceh paska tsunami…

    1. Wah, saya ingin tahu ceritanya, Mbak. Pasti menggugah sekali. Kami yang berada di sana setelah sepuluh tahun saja masih bisa merasa gema tangis masyarakat Aceh, apalagi yang betul-betul ada di sana saat mereka benar-benar menjalani masa-masa sulit itu?
      Salut untuk Mbak dan semua relawan lain :))

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