Weekly Photo Challenge: Treat

In response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Treat.

It’s all about happiness, I think. What’s so different about treat? I can’t think anything about it, honestly :haha. I think I could be pleased so easily, just give me some delicious food or take me to a place with beautiful scenery, I will be very happy. It isn’t difficult. Everything could make me happy.

And when the Daily Post’s team told us to choose a picture about it… I think I’ll choose the last picture I’ve taken with my camera :hoho.

And here is it:


The story would go beyond just a single photo…

This statue is in the northern garden of Villa Isola. A source in the net already said that there is (or was?) indeed, a statue on the northern garden, but I couldn’t conclude whether this is the real statue or not, as there are a lot of changes in the area. But if this one is real, then the statue’s age is like… 82 years, as same as my grandfather :hehe.

Oh, I do love exploring! I think I could treat myself by getting into some place that I haven’t explored before. Seeing new things is always wonderful, you know.

So have you treated yourself by discovering a new place today? What was it?