EF #28: A Song That Reminds Me of Beach

I have a song that I think is very suitable about the beaches I often visit. Maybe because this song features beach heavily in the video. Or maybe because I often visualize beaches as places with lots of dark clouds and strong winds, and I could get both of it on the video clip. Another plus mark is that the song is a sad one (haha), and the emotions flow very deeply on its lyric and melody.

So good and touched this song about beach that every time I go to a beach and I brought my music player, I definitely will play this song while sitting and staring afar, listening the wind and sea breezes…

The title is “The End of Autumn”. The singer is one of my favorite, a singer that has sung many ballads. Her name is Cho Hye-Ri, and one could simple remember her as Wax. I remember be her fans from one of her earliest singles, a song titled “Fixing My Makeup” which were released some time between 1998, and her song also were featured in a hit drama titled “At the Dolphin Bay”, a drama that were famous in early 2000s.

I love how the maker of the video clip, as well as the singer, portray beach in this song. A beach could transform from just merely a place to another place where you could feel familiar and strange at the same time. I also love the beach as a place full of feelings and memories, happy and sad ones, as beaches I also associated with a place where I could left my old feelings on anything, as I don’t need anymore. But although I don’t need those, I could still visit them when I go to a beach, simply when I see the sea and anything on it.

And I like the beach the most not when on there is full of sunshine, but when the weather is bad! The beach with storm, lots of lightnings, simply a beach without sun :haha. Pretty complicated, eh?

I think they (the director and the singer) did a very good job with the video. I still can’t understand what is the story behind the video. Has the man left the girl? Or is it happened vice versa–the girl is the one who left the man? If she did, why she can’t forget the man when she listened to the song? And did the girl rejected the man?

Ah, there are a lot of questions left unanswered after I watched the video. Nearly the same amount as questions I throwed on a beach, questions I want to forget because I can’t answer it or simply, I don’t want to answer.

About the title… hey, it’s the last day in September so in subtropical zones like Korea, now is in the middle of autumn, I think. But I don’t have to wait for autumn in Indonesia to post about this song, right?

Because sadly, in this country autumn will never come…

Ah, I’m starting to drown in a pool full with emotions and sadness. The video is embed below, and it has an English subtitle, so you could understand more about the lyrics, as well as the emotion flows in it. Although this song is sung from the viewpoint of the girl, I think what happened in the video could be happened to anyone.

Hm, it’s surely one of my favorite Korean ballads… :hehe.

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