EF #13: Just Pump It Up!

I can’t say that I like sports. Sports was the subject that I avoid at school. Whatever the sport was, I didn’t like it, neither soccer nor basketball nor volleyball nor athletic. Swimming was the sport that I used to hate very much, because of a simple reason: I couldn’t swim. Even today, I can’t swim at all :haha.

But almost everyone had said that I was getting fatter and fatter, so I had to find a way to move my body, to get some sweat out of my metabolism and to make myself healthier. OK, I’d tried some sports. Badminton, nah. Soccer, no. Swimming, are you kidding? In short, none of the conventional sports had made me interested enough for joining it regularly.

At least that happened… until my friend asked me to join him to do some pump.

Pump is the dance game that used dance machine, like DDR or StepMania with their dance pad. Users have to step in corresponding arrows on the dance pad as shown on the screen at a exact time. But, different from DDR and StepMania that use cardinal direction as the base of the dance pad, PIU (the abbreviation of Pump It Up) uses the ordinal points, or the corner of the two directions, plus the center step (the two other games don’t use the center pad as a distinguished button).

The rest of them are the same. Just choose the song, get ready, and pump it up!

This game has different difficulties, indicated by number of steps, but I don’t really understand what are these numbers mean. For the meantime, I could only managed the game, at best, at the 7th or 8th level. Quite a novice, I say, because I’ve seen many players that played the game so well, their feet moved so fast that they couldn’t be seen, at 15th or 16th level, with the speed of the steps doubled or tripled. Doh, my feet myself are already heavy with those fats, how can I move them fast enough to keep up with the rhythm?

But don’t be over-thinking as I don’t think anyone would mind about it. They will be busy with their steps, I assure you.

You could find this dance machine at arcades on shopping malls, specifically in FunCity or Fun World (in case you are confused in find one, but I think every arcade put this machine on their must-have list). And I think that this is a kind of sport, too :hehe, because at the end of the song, the machine will also show how many calories had you burn besides the count of “perfect” steps and “poor” steps (steps that out of rhythm). There is also a letter score for your performance, and you sure don’t want to see a big D or F on the screen, right? :haha.

When playing, it’s wise to use sports shoes, because if you do this barefooted just like I do, there is a risk of slipping and hurting your feet’s skin. Not a serious wound, but it sure will disturb your playing experience with the pain on every step.

And for my favorite song, to date, are “Step” by Kara on PIU, “Ur Style” by Kagamine Rin and “Spice” by Kagamine Len, both of the latter songs are on Step Mania.

Get ready for the dance!
Get ready for the dance!

So, who wants to do some pumpΒ with me? :)).

55 thoughts on “EF #13: Just Pump It Up!

  1. I have friend who plays Pump so much, we called him “Pump guy”. He said that playing Pump keeps him on rhythm, because he is really active. I played other similar games, and I thought it gives me some aerobic exercise πŸ™‚

  2. I used to play this sport with no shoes lhooooh. It is my favorite spot on shopping mall when I still young :D. But now, I can’t stand with the fast rhythm. Hahahaha
    Oh, my favorite song is afranova, I used to dance with heavy level, aaaah how much I miss DDR, haahaha

    1. I think you must be an expert, Mbak :)). It’s painful if I play without shoes, because my feet thumb’s skin are peeled, and it’s so painful :huhu.
      This game brings back memories, ya :hehe.

  3. Aku pun suka olahraga bareng temen-temen di G*ame master Bandung, maen pump πŸ˜†
    walaupun difficultynya masih menengah sekali sekali ke atas yaa…

    masih kalahlah dibandingin ornag-orang yang bisa maen pump sampai 8 kaki atau lebih

    1. Saya juga pernah diketawain soalnya waktu itu ambil level yang beginner banget Mbak :huhu. Mau ngetawain balik tapi nggak bisa soalnya ternyata si anak jago banget :haha.

  4. Never try Pump and DDR… I think you’re great cause you can enjoy playing it. I like to see people paling it but I don’t want to play it because I’m too shy to show off in front of so many people. Hehehe.

  5. Aaakkk… I used to play this “Dance-Dance Revolutions” while I’m still young…!!

    How about now? Errrr… considering my overweight body, I have to think twice (or more) if I want to play this game πŸ™‚

    1. I think this game is so age-revealing :hihi.
      It won’t be hurt to try this game for another one, Mbak :hihi. This game is sure nostalgic :hehe.

  6. Ohh..sayang banget belum nyoba berenang ya? Ayo dicoba, pasti ketagihan juga deh πŸ˜€ bisa buat motivasi untuk suatu saat snorkel di Bali kan? πŸ˜‰
    Sering lihat anak-anak remaja di sini main Pump it Up..emang seru juga ya..dan bikin lincah πŸ™‚

        1. Seingat saya dulu terakhir di SMA saya sudah bisa mengapung sih… sebelum panik dan tenggelam lagi :haha. Tapi mungkin suatu hari nanti saya akan mencoba kalau ada teman mahir yang mau mengajari :hehe.

  7. Asik nih kalok ngedance. Lebih banyak keringetnya aku rasa. Yucks! Hihihi.. πŸ˜›

    Berenang yuk, Gar.. Enaaaak.. Adem-adem gitu.. πŸ˜€

    1. Yes, it’s a community where we could learn English on blog. Please check englishfriday.wordpress.com, the club’s home page :)). You could join the weekly challenge also, it’s a prompt to write a blog post in English, published weekly :)).

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