Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was a Good Day!

In response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was a Good Day!

This far, I try to look everyday as a great day. Even though for today when I can’t just sit and ride my motorcycle happily because of this tailbone pain (oooh it’s painful), I try to be happy today. Thank God, I think I am happy right now, and I am so grateful that You still give me a good day.

So let’s recount what were happened today. I woke up at 8 (:haha) because the night before I slept at 12. Wondered whether I would go to Bogor or cleaning my room, I chose to clean the room and postponed the plan, maybe to next week. My room was quite messy, dusty everywhere and I have to use masker when cleaning it. It was a hard job to do, with all these dust! I hate dust.

Finished cleaning, I try to please myself with activities I loved: reading, writing, and taking some photos. I managed myself to finish an episode of Menjangan series: I don’t know when the post will be published but it was a huge relief to finish one episode after another. Telling an other side of Palapa oath, Majapahit’s conquest to Bali and a temple which summed all of these was very fun.

I also took some photos of this unknown technique–arranging the stuffs, book, camera, tablet, netbook, and you take the picture from above–I’ve seen it quite often in Instagram but I don’t know what this technique is called (can you help me?). I tried several times and were quite pleased–it may not be the best picture but I think I’ve done my best, considering the first trial.

I wandered around the city in evening, a ritual that I must done in the weekend. Jakarta’s traffic is quite smooth in weekends, no severe traffic jams but you still have prolonged stop time in the traffic lights, especially at business area such as Senen, Tanah Abang, or Mangga Dua.

But the city still worth to be explored, as I explored the streets of Salemba, Cikini, Medan Merdeka, Harmoni, Old Town, Gunung Sahari, then back again to Senen, Kramat, and Salemba, noticing some old buildings that once made Jakarta the Queen from The East.

I also visited Monas in the evening, an activity I haven’t done for almost several months! Well, I was quite surprised as Monas was quite different now. The gate close to Gambir Station is closed now, so people who want to visit the monument could enter just from IRTI and the northeast gate only. What’s more, people who entered Monas from IRTI must go through the shopping alley, Lenggang Jakarta.

I recognized Lenggang Jakarta as a good invention, where street vendors were localized to a place where people could shop, dine, and have fun after visiting the monument. It’s good, because there is no more street vendors inside the monument’s park, and I think it contributes a lot to the cleanliness of the park, as I’ve proven that there is no rubbish in the vicinity.

But some people grumbled about this, of course, they are the former street vendors who were expelled from selling foods inside the park… well, I guess every decision from the government has its proponent and opponent, isn’t it?

Late at night, shortly before this post was published, I got a phone call from my mother, we talked a lot about my hometown’s political situation and maybe I will make it to a blog post :haha. Talking with my mother is always fun and enriching, and it wraps my day, my good day, indeed!

And since this is a photo challenge, here are the pictures from today, things that I love so much:

My day was very good! How was yours? I hope it was good, too.

30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was a Good Day!

  1. gar ngomong-ngomong soal monas, udah pernah naik ke atas kah? #belumpernahsoalnya. asyik juga kali ya kalo bisa liat jakarta malem-malem dari sana.


    1. Belum pernah naik Mbak :huhu. Iya, seru memang, cuma Monas dibuka hanya sampai jam 3 sore jadi kayaknya belum bisa menatap senja dari puncaknya itu :)).

      1. oalah kog cuma sampe jam tiga ya. jadi penasaran lho gar seperti apa penampakan ruangan bagian atas di monas itu. dari bawah kliatan seperti ada terasnya gitu. apa kita bisa keluar sampe ke terasnya itu juga?


        1. Seingat saya bisa keluar di cawannya itu, soalnya dulu sering lihat ada orang berkerumun di sana :hehe. Iya saya juga penasaran Mbak, soalnya belum pernah naik… :huhu.

    1. Sip, background nanti dicari yang lebih polos :haha. Terima kasih banyak atas sarannya, ya :)). Iya, saya juga lihatnya di IG dan penasaran ingin coba :hihi.

  2. As far as I know, that technique is called Still Life. According to Wikipedia, Still Life photography is the depiction of inanimate subject matter, most typically a small grouping of objects.
    Agree with you, Mas Gara, it’s quite popular on IG. I take that kind of photograph too. Your pictures are awesome, btw. ☺

    1. Thank you for the information and appreciation! I’m curious in exploring more and more about this kind of photographs, it looks very interesting :hehe.

  3. Ada foto dengan gaya kekinian kayak di Instagram! Saya pernah nyoba tapi susah banget foto dari atas gitu. Jadi salut sama yang berhasil foto tegak lurus vertikal.

    Ngebahas Monas jadi inget udah lama banget nggak ke Monas. Penasaran dengan suasana barunya. Lain kali kalo ada waktu senggang main ke monas aaah :))

    1. Kemarin ini perjuangannya lumayan juga Mas :hehe, butuh beberapa kali percobaan supaya bisa cukup rata tapi sewaktu dilihat lagi di komputer agak mencong-mencong jadi memang mesti banyak latihan lagi :haha. Terima kasih atas apresiasinya! Ayo jalan ke Monas :hehe.

  4. Wah keren nih hasil photo challengenya, suka sama model kamera dslrnya nih, sedikit saran, kalau suka konsep begitu, coba di lepas satu per satu part dari modelnya yang bisa dilepas, jadi terkesan banyak dan sebisa mungkin backgroundnya polos maksudnya adalah satu/alur yang sama semisal serat kayu dan semacamnya jadi tidak mengganggu objek utamanya, IMHO. 😀

    salam kenal dari surabaya sebelumnya.

    1. Saya bersyukur sekali ada kamera ini, bukan kamera baru memang (saya belinya secondhand) tapi hasil fotonya masih sangat bagus dan memuaskan untuk dipajang di blog :hehe.

  5. My day has never been better. But I keep going to be happy. I return to the senior high school where I left about two years ago. I don’t know why I accepted the principal request to come back. But honestly I missed all my friends there, and so did they. And Bli, I do apologize, I didn’t ask your permission first to share your novel to my students. They read my post about ‘In Ten Days’, and wished to read directly. So I shared it to one of them, and she said that your novel is totally good, the story is very sad but she likes it so much. Hope your days always nice and full of fun^^

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