Weekly Photo Challenge: Security

In response to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Security.

It helps secure the place… a little bit.

This is a sign contains prohibition in tampering a historical site. Signs like this are often found in one historical site, any site that has been designed as historical-cultural heritage site. This prohibition actually taken from Indonesia’s law about cultural heritage, Act No. 11 Year 2010. I have seen this sign in nearly every cultural heritage site that I’ve visited, so far. It could mean that the government has acknowledge those sites as a cultural heritage, so this sign is placed in it. We could also interpret this sign as a “warning” for everyone, to stay away if they want to harm the site. In other words, this is a way to secure the site.

The sign says, that in Article 66 of the law, it is prohibited for anyone to tamper/harm the Cultural Heritage, wholly or in parts, from its entity, its group, or from it’s origin. In its second paragraph, the law says that it is prohibited for anyone to steal the Cultural Heritage, also, wholly or in parts, from its entity, its group, or from its origin.

This is a principle that should be remembered in visiting a cultural heritage: leave it as it is. Modification or change in a heritage site is strictly prohibited. Take picture, leave footprints, but don’t leave footprints in the structure, okay? Just step in the ground, don’t climb the site.

Why? Because there are sanctions, shown in the sign also, if anyone break the rules stated. In the law, they are stated in Article 105 and 106. Anyone who intentionally tampering the cultural heritage, could be sentenced in jail from 1 to 15 years and/or a fine from 500 million rupiahs, but not exceeding 5 billion rupiahs. In the same nuance, anyone who intentionally steal the cultural heritage, wholly or in parts, could be sentenced in jail from 6 months to a maximum of 10 years, and/or fine from 250 million rupiahs, but not exceeding 2,5 billion rupiahs.

I took this picture in Punden Tutup, Batu, East Java. I have discussed the site in one of my post, titled (in Indonesian) Aku Membuka dengan Penutup: Punden Tutup. I think the site, and artifacts that exist there, are remains from megalithic era, long before writings come exist. When Hindu-Buddhist come and spread in Java, people still used their site from megalithic era for praying. The same phenomenon also happened in West Java (I still researched about it). For further notes on Punden Tutup, read my post for further explanations.

I hope that the sign could make this site more secure… silly, I know. It’s just a sign, not a trap for thieves. It’s just a sign, too, not security guards. All that the sign could do is just showing information. It returns to ourselves whether we are obliged to obey the rule, or simply see the sign as just a mere sign and do what we pleased on a heritage site. But please remember that there are consequences on anything that we’ve done. Get caught when you tamper a heritage site and you may spent a part of your life in jail, haha.

19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Security

  1. While the sign is there as a “reminder” for people not to tamper/harm the site, overall I still find it “sad” if people do follow the sign only to avoid the punishment(s) rather than, well, doing it because it is the right thing to do.

    1. Iya Mbak, peringatan itu seolah-olah hanya menjadi penonton, padahal pengunjung yang mesti mengamati itu terlebih dulu setiap kali masuk ke situs cagar budaya, hehe.

  2. One characteristic of your writing is that you always post small things that are rarely noticed by others, but it is actually very meaningful. For example, a picture of the signpost you posted here. You are very careful when observing something.

    1. Setuju, makanya kepedulian itu harus selalu kita tingkatkan. Menurut saya sih nggak usah muluk-muluk, sebisa dan sekemampuan kita saja. Misalnya kalau bisanya baru bikin tulisan, ya kita bikin tulisan saja, hehe… (ini justifikasi sih karena saya cuma bisa buat tulisan dulu untuk sekarang, haha).

    1. Betul, punden di saat ini memang mayoritas tinggal batu-batunya saja. Tapi nilai sejarahnya justru sangat kaya. Mudah-mudahan kita bisa melestarikannya sampai anak cucu ya. Sayang banget kalau satu catatan bangsa ini, meski kecil, harus hilang karena kita lupa menjaganya.

    1. Betul… mari mulai berubah dari diri sendiri. Siapa tahu perubahan kecil dan positif dari diri kita menyebar ke orang sekitar dan akhirnya semua orang menjadi baik, amin.

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