Weekly Photo Challenge: One Oxygen, Two Hydrogen

In response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O.

Water is one of the most vital thing in a living creatures’ life, besides air. Scientific researches have concluded that a human’s body contains more than 70% of water, and insufficient water intakes could lead to many diseases. Water also an important instrument in growing plants, farming, and maintaining livestock. I think every aspect in our live somehow connects with how we get water functioned to it.

So vital the function of water, people worshiped it as a power that makes living possible. In Indonesia’s culture, this is still happening, in case of farming. People know Balinese’s subak as a world heritage culture. Subak itself is a system on how people divide water to irrigate their rice field. The system is complicated, with a lot of meetings to decide how much the farm’s owner should pay for the water. It also has its own organization structure, with kelihan subak as the leader and pekasih as the treasurer.

Not just a mere system, in Balinese’s farming, how a farm treat water (and the rice, eventually) is also important. In subak, there is a temple specially designed to placed the God of water and rice (Wisnu and Sri). This temple also is one of the subak‘s responsibility. Annually, or biannually, there will be a feast in this temple, as a form on how thankful people are because they’ve received a good supply of water.

I took this picture near Yeh Pulu Reliefs, Gianyar Regency, Bali. Not far from this stream is many terraces of rice fields. The flow of the water is divided between those terraces in a way that somehow every terrace receives the same amount of water, proportionally with the area.


Finally, water is just a combination of one oxygen atom with two hydrogen atoms, and the stream may be slow, but the impact on human’s life is still spectacular.

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