Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration

In response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration.

Inspiration is a thing that when you get it, it keeps you moving. At least that’s the point I’ve got when I read the post of this week’s theme. Then, I thought, what’s my inspiration? I wander around my pictures collection in my external hard disk, until suddenly I came to these pictures and by just looking at them, the pictures says it all.

I honestly think that inspirations is simply everywhere. At least, in my case, I’m starting to realize that. From everything that I’ve seen, daily routine to rare traveling, I think that in reality, I could get something to keep me moving. The problem is, I’m not always ready to catch the inspirations, or more often, I don’t want to open my mind and catch everything that could be a fountain of ideas, a source of inspirations.

The sun is setting.
The sun is setting.

It could be a view from your office building at the evening. The sun is setting, leaving everything in silhouettes. Since I work in Jakarta, the panorama will be the skyline of the city. By looking at this picture only, I could get some ideas about what will happen if the sun isn’t setting and the night isn’t come. Sometimes, inspiration comes as easy as putting the phrase “what if” in front of everything.

Maybe some of you will call me as too naive. And I was calling people who said that we could get inspiration from anywhere as that, too. I used to think that finding inspirations is the hardest thing a man could do in the earth, and not everyone were blessed with such a talent (yes, I used to call it as a talent). I found it very hard to look for an inspiration and scribbled it on paper.

And I hate the brainstorming activities so much. It’s not rarely that I got stressed when a brainstorming session is over–I was in a writing club several years ago, because I think I must find the best idea on earth so I could write the best story. As expected, in the end, I couldn’t find any idea so… I couldn’t write anything, too.

But for now… all I need to do is just take a deep breath and let everything go. Everything will be fine, so relax. And I think you should do that, too, in case you’re having difficulties in finding ideas. Take a deep breath, go outside, not to a far place, just a ten-steps walk will do, and maybe, everything you find will be a new source of ideas.

The ideas isn’t have to be the best that a man could ever find. Maybe it’s a simple one, it’s okay. Just be grateful and try to look it from different perspectives. Don’t burden your life with a lot of “must” word–it won’t bring any good. One or two ambitions is okay, but if everything in your life must be done in the best way… I don’t think it’s wise. Sometimes being average is good, too :hehe.

So go outside and see everything around you! Maybe you will find this beautiful blue lotus, as I’ve found in the front yard of Dalem Bungkut Temple, Nusa Penida, Bali:

The beautiful purple lotus.
The beautiful purple lotus.

Or maybe you’ll find this scenery when you’re turn around:

A secret place :hihi.
A secret place :hihi.

In any case, suddenly you’ll know… that you’re being inspired.

31 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration

  1. Setuju banget. Insipirasi bisa diambil dimana saja asalkan kita bersedia mencari. Kadang alam semesta dah ngasih jawaban tapi kita sibuk mencari solusi sendiri padahal kadang jawabannya udah ada di depan mata. hahaha Nice post!

  2. Banyak sumber inspirasimu ya… 🙂 Foto-fotonya top banget, yang lotus itu cantik abiss – ini bisa jadi sumber inspirasi-ku 🙂 hahaha, aku masih bingung mau submit foto apa untuk challenge kali ini 😀

  3. beberapa waktu yang lalu…. matahari saat terbenan tidak terlalu menilaukan dan tanpa awan…. jadi kelihatan seperti bulan. bahkan saya sempat terlontar mengucapkan bahwa itu bulan 😀

    teratai…. udah lama nggak lihat teratai

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