Weekly Photo Challenge: Grid

In response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Grid.

Sometimes inspiration comes to you when you’re least expected it.

Today I, out of a sudden, took a trip to Bogor, visiting some of my old (yes, they ARE old) friends in ‘s Plantentuin. After kind of getting lost in the sea of angkot, finally I could reach the center of plants conservation from its 4th door, in front of Botani Square. A restaurant greeted me and I didn’t think that it was Dedaunan Cafe, they change the name to Green Garden.

I like Dedaunan better.

Slowly walking through the Astrid Avenue (with the flowers resemble the flag of Belgia), I couldn’t pass the bridge because it is being constructed now. So I take a detour through the locked orchidarium (someone, open it please…), medicinal plant and the grave of Queen Galuh, the second wife of King Siliwangi (but I remember his second wife is Nyi Subang Larang :hmm…), I still didn’t capture any picture.

The path slowly goes uphill and my feet got tired very quickly. I then took a rest in a memorial (birthday present, actually) of J.J. Smith, the head of ‘s Plantentuin’s Herbarium between 1913 and 1924, the year of his retirement. The monument itself was erected in 1937, marking his 70th birthday.

I thank God when I saw the monument. I remember the first time I went there and there were so many ugly graffiti on it, names of people (especially couples) who were somehow managed to reach the monument even though you don’t have to climb the highest peak to see it. But the last time I went there, they have painted it and there was a rose on the inscription of the monument.

I don’t know who placed the rose.

When I went there today, it is still in a good shape. The black paint make grids on the red base, following the bricks’ borders.

The grid and its inscription.
The grid and its inscription.

And here is the monument, in full shape: