Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped

In response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped.

“Enveloped”. It’s not the easiest theme that they have posted in this challenge chains. And I am quite unsure about what photo should I post for this week, as I don’t think I have one that corresponds with the theme. I don’t have photos about cabbage thing-y, nor the nature phenomenon like the fog, strong sunshine, or the others.

But when I saw the word “wrapped” in the post, the idea suddenly came into my mind, just like someone found the light bulb’s switch and pressed it. Ting.

We don’t always have to define a word in the most exact, literal way. Sometimes we have to deviate from it, to arrive in something that is a little bit differ from the original, usual (let’s say conventional) meaning.

You may call that as a mere excuses, a justification, and I used to be like those people (who judging) too, but for now… let’s just accept different opinion around us and call them as products of creativity. Every people has their own story, there are about six billion people on Earth (just for now) and I do believe that there is also, six billion stories on this planet (and the number is growing!).

So how could we call someone’s story as impossible when the probability of that story to be false is only about 1/

Enveloped presents.

Back to the topic, this picture relates with a giveaway event which I held last month. I announced the result last Sunday. I am so glad because I could make an event, asked two of my friends to help me judging the entries, prepared the presents, and (soon) send it to the winner, the two people that we think had created the most beautiful interpretation of the theme: marking time.

And about “enveloped”, I think I could interpret it as “wrap” in “wrapping gift”. You may have different opinion, go on and explore it, I won’t judge you because you have your own way of thinking. The one thing I could make sure to you is that I’m bad, very bad at wrapping gifts :haha. I have no talent on this thing :hihi.

Lastly, congratulations to the event’s winner: Mas Jampang and Mbak Nita. I am trying to send the packages on time, please wish me luck :hehe. I hope you two like the present, just as I do!

It’s quite untidy, and I’m sorry :hehe :peace.


24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped

  1. I agree 😉 In fact, oftentimes I love the idea to deviate a little from the common conceptions. Care to check my interpretation? *tulisannya masih amatir sih, tapi ya namanya juga usaha :))

    1. :hihi. Mbungkusnya kemarin di balkon kosan Mbak, jadi latar belakangnya menyesuaikan. Tampaknya lebih nge-hits background-nya ketimbang objeknya yah :haha.

  2. garaaa saya suka banget liat motif bungkus kado yang ada bunga-bunganya. itu milih sendiri ya…

    soal bungkus kado heheheh natal tahun lalu sampe jereng lho ngliatin gimana caranya ngiket pita kado yang saya inginkan. seneng banget pas akhirnya bisa juga dan tambah senang pas yang kebagian kado hati-hati banget buka kadonya. padahal menurut saya masih jauh dari yang saya inginkan…


    1. Iya Mbak, saya pilih sendiri :hehe. Terima kasih :)).
      Astaga Mbak, itu kayaknya susah sekali, ya. Membungkus kado saja sudah susah, apalagi mengikat pitanya supaya cantik :)).

      1. #kereeen

        iya lho gak gampang apalagi kalau sedang diperlukan. makanya saya suka kagum liat mbak-mbak yang jago banget bungkus kado, sret sret sret beres deh… dan cantik pula… #hebaaat


    1. Aww, pernah ada online shop, Beb? Kerenlah. Jual apa saja? Nilai plus banget lho kalau pakai bungkus kado juga. Saya salut dengan itu lho :hehe.

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