Weekly Photo Challenge: Door

In response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Door.

I don’t know why but coincidentally, this theme is very related to one post I’ve published earlier about Mr. Dinger’s Grave, because in there were also two photos about door. Both of them portrayed the same, the mausoleum’s door. An old and rusty wooden door with iron padlock, and they maybe aged the same as the grave itself, 98 years.

Coretan dan coretan. Kapan kita bisa menjaga?
Coretan dan coretan. Kapan kita bisa menjaga?
Pintu yang masih berdiri. Berusaha berdiri.
Pintu yang masih berdiri. Berusaha berdiri.

But as I wander in my external hard disk which holds all of my collections since I owned this camera, accidentally I met with one photo about door which I took in my trip in Medan, North Sumatera. It’s a gate to one big townhouse there, owned by a Chinese, named Tjong A Fie. Now the house is served as a museum, and people could take a tour there, accompanied by a guide.

The door to the Tjong A Fie Mansion.

The guide will show visitors all rooms in the mansion (except one room used for praying) and explains the (long) history of Tjong A Fie, founder of Kesawan Bank (now QNB Kesawan) and his family. It’s a beautiful house, and when someone enters it, one couldn’t help feeling that the environment isn’t in Indonesia anymore, we’ve already moved to China. At least that’s what I felt when the guide took us to a journey exploring the house.

You should visit the mansion when you’re visiting Medan. For the complete story about my journey, I’m finishing it now so I couldn’t tell the full story here. But I could tell that it was an astonishing one. The mansion, as well as the city, is full of surprises, from its history to its culinary.

79 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Door

  1. Meskipun saya tidak begitu paham dengan bahasa inggris, saya suka pintu Tuanya plus segala coretannya. Menambahkan kesan “sudah berumur”. Ga tahu deh yang lain tapi saya suka saya suka he he he

  2. Yep, according to the guide there, he is one of the founders of the bank :)). Ah, I hope you could visit it one day, Mas. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

    1. Cerita tentang Makam Dinger ada di postingan sebelumnya Mbak, kalau untuk Tjong A Fie Mansion sedang saya selesaikan :hehe. Terima kasih banyak ya, Mbak :)).

    1. Wah, saya tak menyangka bisa mendapat pujian seperti ini :hehe. Terima kasih ya :hehe.
      Hm, pintu rumah? Belum sempat ambil fotonya saya… :hehe :malu. Nanti deh kalau saya mudik, akan saya foto pintu rumah saya :)).

      1. Lah emang kalau diliat itu foto-foto Mas Gara sukses bikin terkagum-kagum kok ._. Aku udah nandai banyak blogger yang hasil jepretannya kece, macam Mbak noni, Mbak Dita, Mbak Nisa, Bang Gara juga, banyaaak dan kece-kece semuaaa πŸ˜€ sukaaak :3
        melayanglah mas, siapa tau ketemu bidadari disana :p

  3. I’ve watched the coverage on the house Tjong A Fie used as a museum. Tjong A Fie is the richest person of Chinese descent in Medan. Although the house from the outside looks simple, but the inside of the house is so valuable. Bli, you are very fortunate to surround Indonesia and dig ‘treasure’ extraordinary. Thank you for sharing with us.

    1. You’re welcome, Mas, but I assure you that there are still a lot of places that I haven’t visited it yet. I just hope that I could use my time effectively so I could do as you’ve said above :amin. Hopefully I just have enough resources…

      1. Amin, Bli. Certainly achieved. While still young and do not have dependents, we should be able to use the time and opportunity as possible. Let us not regret later on! Success always for you, Bli.

    1. Iya Mbak, meskipun menghadapi banyak cobaan dan rintangan, mereka tetap bertahan *tsaah* :)). Sesuatu yang mesti kita tiru, supaya kita juga kuat dan tahan banting, tapi bijak karena sudah banyak melihat kejadian di dunia ini!

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