Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth

In response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth.

I love the way Daily Post encourages us to take a picture with their prompts that are unexpected and somewhat intriguing. That makes me think in a way that is a little different. Ah, what am I explaining now? :haha.

This week’s theme is “Depth”. It says that we could play with depth in a literal way, or we could show photo(s) that showed some use of Depth of Field, as a result of varying apertures in a camera (bokeh, fast lenses, high price, they said).

But I’m no professional photographer (yet), so I don’t think I can explain the DoF in sizable, understandable chunks (this isn’t the purpose of this post, anyway). Instead, I just want to show you photos that, in my opinion, show depth to it’s viewers.

For this first one, it’s about the DoF (it was taken at the aperture of f/3.5). But I think, this photo’s color has added pretty much depth, too.

Meet “Raindrops, Glass, and The Weather Above Us.”


This photo was taken at the middle of Paro Range, stretched near the border of Great Aceh (Aceh Besar) and Aceh Jaya (Glorious Atjeh?). We’ve been told that there were many landslides ahead several days earlier (which had cut Meulaboh–Banda Aceh route off), but we didn’t expect that the landslide would happened again, as the weather at the range before we arrived was so clear that we could barely seen cumulonimbus clouds above.

But don’t, don’t ever trust the sky in rainy season. It always has something to trick us.

Oops, enough for the spoiler of my next post (2nd episode of the 3rd part of the journey betweem Meulaboh and Banda Atjeh), and let’s get back to the photo.

I think this photo reflects depth literally. With its very shallow DoF, this photo can clearly shows water drops at the car’s window, while the drops outside the DoF are very blur. But another point is that just by seeing those drops in the window, I realize that I am such a tiny little creature that has nothing in the bottom of the world. The skies above are so high, always changing, and we can’t tell what the weather would be. Clear sky or heavy storm?

The water drops alone are very meaningful, too. It kinda sets the mood. Sad, depressed, fear.

I also think that when we discussed depth in a photo, it should contain some mysterious colors, as shown in that picture, for example. Grayish blue, the sky’s color just before a storm strikes. It’s mysterious, it’s cold in a way, it IS fearsome (at that time I’m afraid that the one who would been struck by the landslide are US), and it’s also… deep.

Let’s just say that we can define depth in a thousand ways.

Bonus, bonus.


I just love this picture. I recently took this picture at a hotel’s rooftop in Medan, North Sumatra. Maybe because this photo also has similar tone with the previous one, I don’t really know, but all of a sudden, I think that this photo has a deep meaning to me. Maybe because of the dawn-colored sky, while the lamp is just… alone. The picture is kinda saying, “In the world full with uncertainties, when there is no light existed forever since dusk and dawn happen alternately, the lamp is doing it’s certain part: waiting alone.”

I just love dawn, when the sun goes down and leaves some violet and dark blue prints in the sky. It’s like a trace, waiting to be collected.

30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth

  1. The pirctures are amazing. I love the colors (grayish-blue) and reading your well-written description makes me more amazed. As if the glass and the raindrops (in 1st photograph) or the lamp (in the 2nd photograph) have their own story to tell :).

  2. Me too Gara. Always try to explore the other side of the theme. Hard though. Especially coz I’ve not do photo hunt for so long with my DSLR.

    Love your raindrops. It shows DoF perfectly. And the second one… It is a very good example for the 9 windows. Love them. Really. Really love them.

    1. Yes, I agree. It’s challenging, and so interesting. It also good for improving our photography skills :hehe
      Wow, thank you so much, Ryan, for your kind appreciation 😀

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