If I Were BEC Admin…

This is a response to a giveaway challenge from BEC. We have to write what would we have done, had we were chosen as one of BEC Admins.

As for me, I would have made a monthly picnic program. Or bimonthly. I love picnics. With lots of food and a lot of stories to share with other members. We could arrange a small, fun workshop and many games there, too. It would be very interesting.

But the most important thing is the food. There must be lots of foods, because I love eating so much… :huhu. Om nom nom nom!

31 thoughts on “If I Were BEC Admin…

    1. Iya, Kebun Raya Bogor atau TMII bolehlah :hehe.
      Yep, itulah sebenarnya yang saya tunggu-tunggu! *ini anak otaknya cuma makan doang :haha*.

    1. Thank you so much! That’s so nice of you :)). But I don’t think that I have talent and ability to be an admin :haha. The admins that we have now are the best, I think :)).

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