EF #6: The Darkness and Me

I have followed the group since it published the 2nd prompt. But I just can’t write anything to fulfill it, except for this one. Because it is related so deeply with me.

I don’t know when he came into my life for the very first time. I also don’t know whether he started controlling my life by voices inside my head, I even didn’t know that those voices were his. But the one thing I know for sure, as I’ve stated earlier, he had controlled my life.

Oh, wrong one. He has controlled my life.

No, no. Still wrong. He has controlled, is controlling, and will control my life. I don’t know when will this be over.

I don’t know who he is. The only thing that I know is that he is the Dark One because he talked to me in darkness, as if he were the darkness itself. I kinda remember one dream when I think I was in his palace. I don’t know why but I’ve presumed that pitched-dark place as his palace, it’s underground, it’s very close to the hell, and it’s pitched dark.

As if I were his possession. But what if I indeed AM his possession?

In that dream, a dream that I strangely still remember until the time I write this, I was woken up by a voice. An eerily voice, but I knew it’s his, since those voice had spoken a lot of things in my head before. “Wake up, Gar, and don’t say a thing,” he said, although my eyes had opened before he said that.

I didn’t say any word. How come? He’d told me not to.

“We are at my place. You’ll be here forever.” His voice was seem to come from the darkness, as he is the darkness itself.

Huh? What? What place? I couldn’t see anything.

But by the time I voiced that in my head, I could see candles burning around me. It was still very hazy, as my dreams usually be, so I couldn’t see anything clearly. But I remember seeing skulls, a lot of skulls, around my bed, with chains, legcuffs, and old-looking handcuffs. A lot of handcuffs, and they’re connected to the chains.

“You don’t think that I will use them, don’t you?” I tried to speak. But as I strangely had predicted, my lips and tongue were glued at it’s place. I couldn’t even done anything which included my mouth. But I tried to move my feet, and it moved!

I just moved nearly an inch when the voice came back.

“Who told you to move, Gar?”

This is only my voice inside my head. “N-no, I-I was just…”

“You’ve seen much,” his words seemed to be final. “Go back to your bed and sleep.” The candles were missing, the room was pitched dark again by itself.

“No, I don’t want, I want to get out from here, this isn’t my place…”

“Seal him.”

They were still looked very hazy, but I knew…

That the chains and handcuffs moved by themselves, locking me up. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a huge blanket, I called it blanket because it was very warm, came and make me couldn’t move at all.

The next thing I knew was I woke up in my room. My real-life room.

But I knew, that my real life wouldn’t be real anymore, because his voice has taken over my head.

What he’d said should be done. “Do this.” “Don’t do this.” “You can.” “No, you can’t.” “Come.” “Don’t come, it will be raining hard. Come to that event or you’ll suffer.” “You must come, that event will be good for you.” “You’ll be crazy if you do that thing. Just think about it. I’m your listener. I know what’s good for you.”

“You’ll be asked about me, of course. But of course you’ll say that no one is controlling your life. You are a free person. But alas, both of us know that you aren’t.”

Those sayings were as if he knew what’s good for me.

Yeah, as if he knew what’s good for me, but I hate to admit, I really hate to admit that his words… are usually true.

What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with my head? I already tried to talk with a lot of people about this but no one seemed to believe cause he had said this,

“You are a clever boy, Gara, blabbering about this over and over, but do you think that people will believe in you, as you will always say that all of this are only your imagination? A too-wild imagination? Oh, you’ll use ‘super wild imagination’ as the phrase. Come on Gar, face the truth, that even thoughΒ all of this are indeed, true, the one who will believe this is only you and yourself only.”

“W-what about you?” I asked in such a murmured and child-like voice.

“Me? I created all of this for your own good. I don’t have to believe this since the one who created this was ME. Now get back to your work or I will make people see you as crazy.”

I hate to admit but all of his sayings were true. I can’t say anything, though, he’ll be very angry and I don’t know what he will do to me in my dreams as I am begging each night for not meeting him in my dreams before I write this, I don’t want to be sealed anymore, I can’t move anything in my body, even when I’m sleeping, something seemed to bindΒ me so hard that I couldn’t move, pushed my eyes so hard that I couldn’t see, and glued my mouth so hard that I couldn’t scream…

Another example is when I wanted to answer a lecturer’s question.

He said, “No, you are not trying to answer that, are you?”

I still tried to answer.

But no voice came out. My lips, my tongue, all glued in it’s place.

When the class was over, he talked to me, “Now who wasn’t pay attention to my advice?”

That night, I got sealed in that pitch dark room again, cannot move any parts of my body, even for just an inch. I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t…

Someone out there, help me. I write this in such a hurry and while listening to such a loud music so I can’t hear what he’s saying right now, so I’m begging you, I really really really beg to you, help me help me help me help me help me, because I don’t know what he will do to me by the time I finished writing this. I even don’t give this to my proofreader, as I must finish this quickly before he come back…

Fiuh. That’s my entry. I guess it’s just a super wild imagination about my alter ego laugh back to sleep

38 thoughts on “EF #6: The Darkness and Me

  1. Hmm, so your alter ego which prohibit you from writing. Now you are able to overcome it so you ought to keep writing πŸ˜€

    Nice post. I thought this is about shiczo because you hear voices inside your head. πŸ™‚

    1. So when I hear voices inside my head, it’s schizophrenic?
      W-well… I think I agree with you, writing is a good theraphy for overcoming the voice. Thank you πŸ™‚

      1. Hahahaa, I don’t think so. Shiczo is more complicated than voices inside our head. What I mean to say is I thought you are writing a fiction story about schizo because when I’m writing or reading fiction story about shiczo the clue mostly voices inside the head.

        Keep writing πŸ™‚

      1. I believe if it wasn’t a bad dream you wouldn’t be here and tell us all about, You probably somewhere doing your pshyco things to be done… *have you take those pills as prescribed, do you? * GYAHAHAHA

        Ugh! you skip call my name??!! See!! you’re a normal.

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