EF #27: Be Present!

Sometimes, and it’s not sometimes actually, but more often, we think that everything doesn’t happen in a way we want. Failure. Sudden change of plan. Everything that we’ve built, even if it’s just a thought about what happen next, is destroyed and we’re left clueless. We feel trapped, we feel that this is not the best way we’ve thought before.

In fact, we’ll think about a lot of what ifs and what would have been should we didn’t take the path. A lot of regrets, and uncertainties about the future that I think will be useless if we just think about it a lot. It consumes time without giving any benefit, you know.

But to stop thinking about those things, to stop regretting, to stop foreseeing about uncertain future are easier said than done. Nevertheless, there is still a way that I think could ease the pain of regret.

Be present.

Be present isn’t always mean that you don’t think about those past and future at all. It’s just that you forget it for a while, and look for everything in your surroundings that make you feel that you’re there, present in the present, not in the past, or in the future.

As I could recall my previous post, being forbidden by my parents to travel anywhere has made me feel trapped in my house, of course. The only option I have was going with my father to the garden in the school where my father teaches, but I’ve thought that it wasn’t a good option, either. Since I don’t have another option, I took it. I followed my father to the garden.

In that place, I try not to think about the places that I missed to visit. Thinking about those beautiful waterfalls (but even though I make that as opening for that post :haha), I just try to forget them at the time I was in the garden. Instead, I looked for everything that interesting enough and could make me feel better even though everything was out of plan.

There are flowers and lots of plants in there… and a nice, warm afternoon sun… this is enough and I’m feel grateful about this. Maybe God has a plan when He sent me here. Maybe He has prepared a present because I tried to be present at wherever place I was at that time.

And He did. At the end of the day, the dusk was very beautiful. And I was very happy, too, because I could experienced that beautiful panorama. Ah, being present is a habit that changed my future, a habit that I should always try to do every time I could. God never sleeps, He always know when us humans are trying to do something good, instead of regretting and whining.

EF #27

I couldn’t stop myself in admiring those sunset photos… :hehe.

13 thoughts on “EF #27: Be Present!

  1. Aku suka moto matahari jugaaak.
    Maybe because what I feel is like Bebel*c ads video soundtrack “you’re my sun, my moon, my guiding star… My kind of wonderful, that’s what you are ”
    *melow malam minggu

  2. Indeed, sometimes thinking of what could have, should have, would have do not help us at all and just make us feel more miseable about life. While we probably should not 🙂 . If we just stop and look at what we actually have in the present, well, life may not be that bad afterall 🙂

  3. aku baru ngeh kalo ‘mencari jejak’ di link komentar EF kmrn itu gara 😀

    btw, tentang ‘being present’, mungkin itu juga salah satu alasan orang suka yoga / meditasi ya? to be present and to ‘feel our presence’, mungkin… dan bener, kejadian harus tinggal di rumah jadi hikmah untuk ‘berhenti sejenak’ dari rutinitas dan keinginan2 kita yg muncul tanpa henti

Terima kasih sudah membaca, mari lanjut dengan diskusi di kotak bawah ini!