EF #22: So-Called “Failed” Trip

Of all places that I have visited but it had gone in not-so-pleasant way, If I have to make a list, I’ll choose Otak Kokok Joben Spring in East Lombok as the top-most entry in it.

Why? Because it was raining when we went there :huhu.

I mean, I couldn’t take pictures because I was afraid that my camera would get wet, even though the urge to take photos was so strong, but I have to admit my lost to the rain. Well, it’s on the mountain’s slope, anyway, so the weather is kind of unpredictable. It’s clear for a minute, than it experienced a super heavy rain the next minute. People who went there were even soaked before they stepped into the pool.

And it’s not a surprise that the water there is so chilly, too. It wasn’t frozen, of course, but it was cool enough to make me chilling.

Yes, even though it was raining so hard, we weren’t cancel our plan to bath there :haha.

Let me describe first about the spring. Situated in the lower slope of Mt. Rinjani, the 2nd highest active volcano in Indonesia (the first one is Mt. Kerinci in Jambi), as the mount’s name suggested, this spring is located in the National Park of Mt. Rinjani (Taman Nasional Gunung Rinjani, in Indonesian). People are often visiting this tourism object because of its clean and fresh water. The air here is so fresh, too, thanks to thick forest that surround it, making the green color dominates in the scenery. Sometimes, if the temperature is low enough, the fog will come, too.

As for the name, Otak Kokok means “the head of the river”. It’s a headwaters, actually.

The spring forms a small waterfall which falls into a small natural pool, isolated from the other pools outside by walls. There are also pipelines, connecting the spring to the swimming pool outside. Sometimes we could find offerings in the natural pool (usually brought by the Hindus), indicating that in this place, rituals were also performed.


Because this spring’s water is well-known for its ability to cure diseases. The myth is, if you stand under the waterfall, praying while facing to the slope of the waterfall, and the water which flows from your body become somewhat muddy, just like thin emulsion, rumor has it that your disease was being washed from your body. The myth makes Otak Kokok Joben famous, not just in Lombok but also in Bali and other islands. People often come here to look for some cure from the water, no wonder that this place is usually very crowded.

Usually I don’t believe in myths so easily, but I’ve witnessed it myself that the waterfall is kind of different. No, it’s not like the water became muddy, but there is also another waterfall outside the wall, and when the heavy rain fell, the water in this another waterfall became very muddy, while the one inside was still clear without any sense of mud. Amazing, isn’t it?

Well, scientifically speaking, it’s a usual one, actually, thanks to the underground capillary channel straight from the Segara Anak Lake, on the peak of the Rinjani, so the rain couldn’t affect the water which poured down.

And while this place is usually very crowded, what was it like when we visited the place?

Completely empty, Broh!

Com-plete-ly emp-ty!

Because of the heavy rain, there was no other person in that place. All of them have gone to another place to shelter from the rain, left us bathing in the natural pool for the time that I didn’t count! We were there for such a long time, and I stood under the waterfall countless times. It was so relaxing, letting your body being washed by the strong water which fall directly on your back. The water’s debit was very strong, too!

It was very fun and it was like blessing in disguise, actually :haha. So the title “failed” is just because I haven’t taken pictures on the site :haha.

What if you want to go there? It’s very easy! From Mataram, you only have to go to the east from Mandalika Bus Terminal. When you reach the Military District Office of Terara (Kodim Terara), turn left and let the green scenery and fresh air make you enjoy the trip, before you make another left turn at some place called Pesanggrahan. The spring is another 20 minutes journey on vehicle from this junction, and it will be on your left side.

And if you think that the natural pool is overcrowded, you can swim in the swimming pool outside, too, and it’s fun!

Happy bathing!

This post is written to fulfill the Blog English Club’s weekly writing challenge. This week’s post is “Failed Holiday You Wish To Do It“. And guess what! They make me an admin, too! It’s like a dream come true :haha.

Thank you for everything!

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    1. Memang menarik sekali, Mbak, tapi sayang saya tak sempat ambil foto, habisnya hujannya deras sekali saat kami ke sana. Agaknya saya mesti ke sana lagi, nih :hehe.

  1. Failed trip kadang memang tidak selalu failed Bli, selalu ada sisi baik dari tiap kejadian wkwk. Wah, selamat sudah jadi admin ya. Anyway, aku blm dapet posting lagi di BEC πŸ™

  2. Kendaraan pribadi Mbak, kebetulan saya asli Lombok :hehe.
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