EF #11: Me? Fashionable?

I am not fashionable. I think I don’t have that special sense in wearing outfits that make people turn their heads at me because of the good style they think I have. No, I don’t have that kind of style. And that’s why I am kind of confused in choosing which picture should I take as my entry in this week’s theme, Outfit of the Day.

After relentlessly searching for a picture in which I am shown from head to toe, I choose this one, the picture which was taken in Sarawandori Bay, Yapen Island.

EF #11

I amΒ a fan of flannel shirts, so of course I wear it on top of a T-shirt. In fact, nowadaysΒ I wear it on nearly every occasion when I have to be casual. I don’t really know much about fashion trends, so I just wear clothes that I feel can make me look good.

The grey T-shirt itself is one of my newest, bought in Lombok when I came home last year, by Gandrung Lombok, a local brand that is still growing now. I love the writing on that shirt: “No plans? No worries. Just enjoy Lombok.” :haha.

About the jeans, it’s from Lois. It’s kind of old, I bought it in 2013, but I like wearing it because it’s so comfortable. I didn’t pay attention to its model do I don’t know whether it’s a slim fit jeans, a regular fit, or a baggy one. Would you like to explain it for me, please?

The sandals are Eiger’s. Its colors are black with blue accent–my favorite. I have been wanting to ownΒ that kind of sandals for such a long time, and when I finally could own one, I was very happy :)). And as a matter of fact, its durability are amazing. That sandals has accompanied me in a jungle adventure across Yapen Island, and it’s still in the best condition right now.

OK, that’s it, my traveling attire. For a person who doesn’t know about fashion, in my opinion, that kind of style suites me well. What about you? What style suits you well?

By the way… the Sarawandori Bay is amazingly beautiful. Hidden in the middle of jungle of Yapen Island, its turquoise-colored sea is very eye-catching. What’s more, this bay’s sea actually has different colors–dark turquoise in one part (the part shown in the photo), light turquoise in another, and light green in the other part.

It’s one of the best bays I’ve ever seen.

46 thoughts on “EF #11: Me? Fashionable?

  1. Man doesn’t need to be look so fashionable. I am afraid that I will be left behind in choosing the attire. As long as they look clean and smells good then the man will be fine. I don’t like looking a man with dandy style. hehehehe

    anyway you look good and the view oh my God, that is killing me! where is Yalen Island? still in Indonesia?

    1. Yes, look clean and smells good are top two things on my priority list :haha.
      Thank you so much :)).
      Oh, Yapen Island it’s on the neck of the bird island (Papua), near Biak Island, 30 minutes by plane :)). Of course it’s still in Indonesia :)).

  2. that was the most comfortable attire I think,
    actually it looks akward if I see di alam seperti ini ada orang yg berpakaian dandy spt mau pesta, nggak cocok sama sekitarnya

    it reminds me of the picture of the ex first family wore batiks by the beach, many people make a joke about it

  3. Finally. Gara is in the house yo! Hahaha.
    Yapen Island… This is the first time I heard about it. I’m waiting for your next trip adventure post.

    1. Yay! I’m back with EF #11 after skipped the tenth theme. Oh but I don’t want to use the word ‘skipped’ for now :hihi.
      Wew, yes, I have to continue and finish the Aceh Journal first :)). Thank you so much for the appreciation.

  4. Hi, Gara! This style suits you. And it also suits the occasion: travelling. As for me, for outdoor activity, I love looking at men who wear knee length cargo pants with t-shirt and flanel shirt. Oh and not to be left: sneakers. πŸ™‚

    1. Oh yes, sneakers! I have one, too. Nah, I think I have to look for a cargo pants. I used to have one, but I don’t know where is it now. Gotta go and searching! Thanks!

  5. It’s like my sibling -he like eiger sandals with black color and blue accent too-
    Anyway is that real? the different colors of the bay?
    What a beautiful..

      1. Anda berdua sudah keduluan lebih dari seribu orang sebelumnya :hihi *digampar*
        Tapi terima kasih banyak ya! Seumur-umur memang baru sekarang-sekarang ini saya disebut mirip artis :hihi.

  6. Same with me. I’m either, not fashionable in wearing clothes. I only choose the clothes that make me comfortable. Better I use all money for eating than buying new cloth. That’s why I’m looking so fat. Hehe… πŸ˜€

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